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DIOS MP Steridat

Proof that every single disinfection and sterilisation process was carried out in the practice properly and within the prescribed process parameters is one of the material obligations imposed on practice operators by the Medical Devices Act (Medizinproduktegesetz - MPG) and other legislation. Every single operation must be archived with the main process data for many years and always verifiable without delay – when requested by supervisory authorities, for example.

Consequently, safe and economical compliance with hygiene regulations is now only possible with modern devices and procedures that can be validated. These devices detect and log the process parameters, such as pressure and temperature variation, for every single operation. Depending on manufacturer and model, the collected data can be output and evaluated via data logger, integrated log printer or data interfaces.

DIOS MP steridat's forte is the convenient and time-saving collection, management, and archiving of all these process data from the most varied of sources. DIOS MP steridat communicates with the latest devices of all leading manufacturers via various interfaces. The software reads the generated logs out of a device automatically, permanently archives them in a database, and guarantees the legally prescribed and permanently accessible long-term archiving through regular data backups.

In addition, sterile items can be clearly identified by means of a label before or after the run through the autoclave. Therefore, reprocessing data are uniquely associated with the instrument packaging or trays. If it is also necessary to record batch application on the patient, then this can be easily accomplished by the attachment of a removable label on the patient records.

And last but not least, if the optional bar code is also printed, then the recorded data can be easily used with the fully fledged medical device management system in the event of an upgrade to the full version of DIOS MP.

Basic features of DIOS MP steridat

  • Network-enabled software for recording automated disinfection and sterilisation operations
  • Batching and tracing of reprocessed sterile items
  • Evaluation of measurement logs from disinfectors, sterilisers, and data loggers. Data are transferred directly to the PC and unequivocally assigned to a batch. In addition, a log printout can be made on a printer
  • For unequivocal identification of film wrapping, the label printer (option) can be used to output the batch number on labels, too
  • When using removable special labels: label transferred from the sterile item to the patient card for person-specific documentation
  • Bar code printouts facilitate seamless transition to the full version of DIOS MP (with the use of bar code scanners)
  • Supported interface protocols:
  • Disinfectors and sterilisers of all major manufacturers
  • Secondary software interfaces: MelaWin, EbiWinlog2000
  • Supported languages: German, English *)

*) more in progress

Scope of delivery:

  • Software (CD-ROM)
  • Manual
    Available accessories:
  • DIOS MP steridat label printer (USB)
  • Suitable connecting lead – depending on manufacturer of the disinfector/steriliser – on request